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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope everyone enjoys family, friends, some good food and maybe a little relaxation. Bacon wrapped venison on the appetizer menu here, can't wait!
  2. not me but interested in seeing what people come up with.
  3. Thanks Bill. Great Surprise buck this fall! Would like to see you catch up with the blind eye buck on that ridge top. good luck!
  4. thanks guys. certainly proud of this one.
  5. Hi All, good to see this new forum starting, I'm on the Realtree forum which I enjoy, I've thoroughly enjoyed watching Midwest Whitetails over the years with Bill, Jared, Mike, Owen and the Public Land guys, informative and some great footage over the years. I had success here in Mass on 11/8 with a good bow buck, came primarily to a rattling sequence and then a couple of soft grunts brought him into range, looking forward to the rest of the season here. Good luck to all and hope to see more start joining in here. Chris
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