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  1. I had a couple younger bucks bumping and one spike chasing and grunting pretty aggressively but other than that no significant mature deer sightings of this behavior yet. West Michigan
  2. I saw 3 1.5 y/o chasing this weekend in sw Mi but not expecting anything other than the little guys for a few weeks yet. Lots of scrapes being hit daily by my cabin in northern Mi and at home in sw Michigan. Going to be adjusting some cams this week to see whats going on near a big community scrape.
  3. I was a short ways west of there that weekend Up at my cabin and trail cams showed lots of deer movement, I saw 24 does Saturday morning and 6 bucks, one shooter 8 at 30 yards but couldn't sneak an arrow through ethically so I let him go. Would have been poor footage also.
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