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  1. That sounds reasonable Garrett. It's crazy because I have had very limited success from doe bleats but my wife has called in several good bucks with it, I guess it's all in how you hold the can. Lol
  2. Great buck Chris, congratulations!!
  3. As expected the last 10 days or so here in Ga have been wide open, most of the hunters on our lease are seeing chasing and we have had 2 nice bucks killed within the last week.
  4. The big boys are on their feet here in GA Brad but this week and next are normally our 2 best weeks of the year. We are headed to IL tomorrow night and hope to find them chasing when we get there.
  5. There has been quite a bit of hard chasing going on this week in Meriwether county, we've got the coldest temps of the year coming in on Friday so this weekend should be on fire here in GA. Cindy and I are headed to IL on Halloween night and hoping to see lots of chasing up there too!
  6. When I was planting last Thur and Fri I talked to a couple of hunters that had seen some mature bucks up and harassing does those cool mornings, the last few days of Oct for us is normally the start of the best 10 days of the year.
  7. The cooler and wetter weather here in West GA have gotten the deer on their feet. I’ve been planting the last few days and talked to a couple of hunters on the property and there have been 3 shooter bucks seen from the stand in the last 3 days, it will get better and better for the next few weeks, I hope Cindy and I are able to get in a tree tomorrow. Good luck everyone and be safe!!
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