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  1. I'm posting this for a friend SONY HXR-NX100 camcorder Sony NP-F970 battery Sony NP-F770 battery Azden SGM-PDii shotgun mic Rycote Classic Softie Windshield Audio Technica Pro88W lapel mic Camera mounted LED Light Pelican 1510 waterproof travel case The cost for all this new is $2,260. I’ll take $1,700. less than 20 hours recording time, probably a lot less. I bought it all from B&H Photo in June of 2017. I also have Benro TAD38C carbon tripod Sirius P204SR monopod Manfrotto 128RC fluid head I’d take $100 a piece for these
  2. That looks like a good one! Nice job!
  3. Great info Tony. Ya know ... I'm not feeling well myself 😉
  4. Looks like you have a few good ones up there! I hunted the central LP of Mi October 12 & 13. We saw a few new scrapes but overall it was pretty slow. This past weekend I hunted northern Kentucky and the deer sign was non-existent. Granted this is an area that has lots of does throughout the year and we don't usually see any mature bucks on trail cams until the pre rut. I figure Kentucky is about 10-12 days behind from where I hunt in Central Michigan.
  5. We hunted Central Michigan (just south of Clare) last weekend during the cold front. Although we did not have the activity we would have liked we did see a few fresh scrapes opening up. We plan to let the farm settle down for a couple weeks before we head up there again. It's only 80 acres and it can get over hunted very easily.
  6. Good to know. I'm heading down to Kentucky for the early muzzleloader season. I'll check to see if the acorns are dropping when I get there this afternoon. I have a ladder stand on a oak ridge that should be a good spot if the wind is right.
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