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    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope everyone enjoys family, friends, some good food and maybe a little relaxation. Bacon wrapped venison on the appetizer menu here, can't wait!
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    Hi All, good to see this new forum starting, I'm on the Realtree forum which I enjoy, I've thoroughly enjoyed watching Midwest Whitetails over the years with Bill, Jared, Mike, Owen and the Public Land guys, informative and some great footage over the years. I had success here in Mass on 11/8 with a good bow buck, came primarily to a rattling sequence and then a couple of soft grunts brought him into range, looking forward to the rest of the season here. Good luck to all and hope to see more start joining in here. Chris
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    As expected the last 10 days or so here in Ga have been wide open, most of the hunters on our lease are seeing chasing and we have had 2 nice bucks killed within the last week.
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    It was the perfect storm for me in NW Illinois!
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    Great info Tony. Ya know ... I'm not feeling well myself 😉
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    Who all is seeing some pre rut activity!? I’ve noticed a lot of scrapes, and rubs showing up with the cooler weather that has finally arrived! Best of luck this fall to everyone Hunting!! Clayton
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    Hey Clayton, I’ve been seeing alot of younger bucks checking scrapes in SE Ohio. A few more weeks and it’ll be on fire. Good luck.
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    Hi everyone. Just curious what everyone is seeing for rut activity? Here in SE, MN our trail cameras are showing the mostly 2 1/2 & 3 1/2's cruising with an occasional appearance of a mature buck or two. Typicall phase in our area right now. The big boys will really be making there appearances in the next week or so. Here are a few pictures below. Paul.
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